Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've Been Dumped and I'm in Pain - Part 1

Hey , just wanna share . I've no one to share this . My best friend are far away from me . Hmm . This thing begins at the end of March and end yesterday . I'm so depressed and stress . On 26th March , I'm still at my campus waiting for my last paper . Then my Blackberry rang and there's a request from a girl named MH . She's already in my contact list but one day she's missing and I never seek for her . Quite shocked with that request and I've approved the request without thinking . Me asking , 'where you've been ? why deleted me from your contact list ? ' . She reply ' that was her ex bf punya kerja' . Saya pun okay lah . Then BBM lah mcm bodoh2 , borak2 biasa . Fyi , MH ni is my bestfriend for my classmate at Melaka and one of my friend too at Kuantan . One day , me with my friends hang out together and MH was there because she's following hkawan dia yg dalam masa yg sama kwn saya.That was our 1st meeting and we don't talk to each other so much . But bila nak balik , I said 'bye' . Then she came and salam , kiss my hand . And I'm was err ! too shocked ! Then balik sambung la BBM macam biasa and we're getting closer . She told me about herself , family , me also told mine . Me asking , 'do you have a boyfriend ?' and she answered 'No' . Baru lepas break early March . Her turn to ask me , and I'm answered 'Yes ! I already have a girlfriend' . I've told her about my gf . 'Kami study sama , couple dah lama dari sekolah and now 3 tahun already '. Dia macam 'wow lamanya !' . Pastu saya tnya pulak pasal ex bf dia . Dia pun cerita lah yg dia ni kena tipu . Ex bf dia curang , halau dia dari rumah lah bagai . Ex bf dia cerita buruk pasal dia sampai dia takde kawan kat Kuantan ni . Ada pun dalam tak sampai 10 orang je . On the day dia break up tu , dia drive sampai 2 kali excident ! Me feel so kesian wan lah dekat dia . Esoknya dia BBM lagi , dia mengadu dia excident nak pergi Mall pulak . Habis calar balar kereta . Dia takut sangat Daddy dia marah . Saya pun cakap lah sabar semua , bg nasihat . 1 malam tu saya keluar dgn kwan2 pergi tgk Battleship ! Dapat Broadcast msg dr dia ajak saya and kawan2 lepak dekat TC . Saya pun ikut lah sebab kawan2 pun memang nk ke TC lepas tgk wayang dan jumpalah dia disana . Saya tumpang kunci and wallet dalam handbag kawan sy yg kwn dgn dia jugak tu . Nak di jadikan cerita , kawan tu nak balik awal sebab mamanya marah . Dia pun rushing la balik . dah lepak dekat sejam and then nk balik , baru sedar yg kunci kereta and wallet tu lupa nak mintak ! call lah kawan tu , she said she already home . Saya pun mcm mana eh ? Lpas tu MH ni tolong lah saya . Naik kereta dia , pergi rumah kawan tu dekat IM then patah balik TC sebab kereta saya kat TC . Saya sangat malu and terhutang budi okay .

*** to be continue ***

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