Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I've Been Dumped and I'm in Pain - Part 3

Lepas tragedi rumah tu , dia sangat say sorry kat saya . saya pun takde mood actually . tp kesungguhan dia say sorry tu buat saya tahu dia seorang yg bertanggungjawab . Lpas tu kami keluar dan mengambil gambar bersama . ade lelaki BBM dia tnya siapa saya ? then dia jawab boyfriend and minggu dpn nak tunang . Masa nak balik rumah , kami mcm bergaduh sikit . Dan semuanya bermula apabila dia menghantar ini kepada saya ' maybe its my fault . all of this . i sangat sensitive bila sakit . but when semua ni happened , i rasa sgt down . sebab tade siapa cares for me . we had so much fun daytime tadi but jadi mcm ni pula . i sayang you . i feels so happy sebab you ambil berat pasal i deeply . all i ever wanted is this . someone who will always be there all the time eventhough how bad my condition are . all i need is attention . i suka bila you marah i tak take care , i mencarut and so on . and i even love more when you stares at me . its like im the only best view you ever had . i love to be treated like a princess . i love whenever you gets pissed of with my jokes , i love to make you smile just by looking at me . things are better when you're around . and when we argue over something stupid , it makes me even happier to see how annoyed you are because of me . how wonderful it is when two people really can connect to each other without forcing , it is so beautiful . thank you so much for every single smile , laughed , thoughts , words , cares you gave me . i love you <3 ' Terkedu dan tersentak saya dapat menda ni . Hari-hari esoknya kami terus keluar sebab saya kat sini tak lama , sebab cuti sem dalam 2 bulan je . jadi nk spend masa lah . Dan sampailah saya dapat ini pula ' meloveyousomuch to tell . day with you never been such a waste for me . you bring out the happiness to me . without you , there's no joy in my life . you're the best gift i've ever had . whatever shit happened to us , as long its involved you together would be a greatest thing for me . we've been through up and down still my love for you never less in fact more and more every seconds . i've seen  the best side of you m that's to me are the most magical spell that no one ever knew . i've wrote down everything  i felt for you and how different you are to me . hope i could make you smile by reading what my heart is nagging about you . i'm so sorry for any single things i've caused , how hurt you are or how fucked up you've felt because of me . but one thing for sure , you're mine forever . ILOVEYOUSOMUCH till my last breathe AMIRUL ASWAD <3 ' hmm . Saya terus cair dgn bait-bait kata darinya sehingga membuat saya lupa yang saya mempunya gf .

*** to be continue ***

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